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CCS Academics

We strive to help your student fulfill their full academic potential, and, above all, develop a genuine love for God and fellow man. Your parental support is vital to their success. You will be encouraged and supported as primary disciplers of your own children.

Elementary School

Elementary students learn reading, writing, arithmetic, history, Bible, science, health, social studies, music, art, and more. We place emphasis on developing work habits, caring for the needs of others, and establishing/growing their personal relationships with Jesus.

Middle School

The middle school years are some of the most pivotal and challenging times in your child's life. At CCS they'll have positive Christian mentors and teachers that will assist them and nurture their God-given abilities and gifts while building a solid foundation on God's Word.

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High School

High School is a time for personal development and spiritual growth. We help your young adult make a positive influence in your family and the community, as they develop leadership skills and a capacity for more challenging work. They won't just learn how to make a good living, but how to live good Godly lives.

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Preschool & Kindergarten

As experts say that a positive preschool experience can start a child on a path to a lifelong love of school and learning, our objective is to provide a fun, safe, and balanced program that stresses the educational, spiritual, social, emotional, and physical development of each child. Our Biblically based curriculum includes letter recognition, penmanship, phonics skills, age-appropriate Bible lessons, reading, and an introduction to foundational math concepts such as numbers, shapes, and patterns.

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