Middle School Hiking Trip

Middle School

The middle school years are some of the most pivotal and challenging times in your child's life. At CCS they'll have positive Christian mentors and teachers that will assist them and nurture their God-given abilities and gifts while building a solid foundation on God's Word.


Middle School Core Curriculum

Integrating God’s truth into each subject, our curriculum provides students with a firm grasp of the fundamentals and challenges them to further develop their critical thinking skills.

Language Arts

Language Arts focus on reading, literature, spelling, composition, and grammar.


History/Geography connects students with ancient and new world history, U.S. history, and map studies.


Science/Health courses introduce students to biology, geology, anthropology, botany, zoology, physical sciences, anatomy, and chemistry.


Arithmetic incrementally builds skills in logic and problem solving, accuracy in computation, and early algebra

All middle school students also participate in art, music, and physical education classes.